Statistical-insurance Engineering

Master´s degree study field Statistical-insurance Engineering is a part of a study program Quantitative methods in economic and is intented for bachelorsThe study presents a profile of all essential aspects of insurance engineering concurrently with all major statistical tools and procedures necessary for the analysis of economic data. Students will become familiar with important insurance products, analysis and strategies, which are inseparably to practice on domestic and international insurance markets, and also will be able to apply statistical analysis and forecasting practices in various economic situations. The study program includes the acquisition of knowledge for working with computers and specialized software. Due to the wide field of study will find application in graduate business commercial insurance companies, pension funds and health insurance companies, but also in government and business statistics, in the sphere of financial activities (investment of insurance capital, insurance, financial credits), in marketing, consulting and research institutions, including international, and also where to educate experts in the field of statistics and engineering insurance.

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