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14.5.2018 10:00 - 22.6.2018 10:00 - Zkouškové období LS 2017/2018

14.5.2018 10:00 - 22.6.2018 10:00 - Zkouškové období LS 2017/2018

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Insurance Engineering (4PI)

A. Guarantee

doc. RNDr. Luboš Marek, CSc.

B. Charakteristics

This minor field enables students to acquire theoretical knowledge of actuarial and statistical theory, which are applied especially to risk management and basic practical skills in the field of insurance. Emphasis is placed on the use of statistical-mathematical methods in calculating tariffs for various insurance products of life and non-life insurance, to calculate technical provisions, solvency, approaches to security etc.

Courses of insurance engineering are integral part of the study at all economic universities in developed countries, since insurance is one of the fastest growing industries. The insurance market has long lacked experts in the field of insurance engineering, especially professional combining knowledge of insurance engineering with knowledge of statistical methods.

Graduates of minor specialization should be able to orientate in informatic, statistical, mathematical and financial procedures of insurance companies and governmental regulatory authorities responsible for supervision of insurance industry. They should also understand practice and tendencies in development of insurance market and insurance industry in the Czech Republic and in common market within the European Union, including its legal constituion.

C. Requirments to enter:

Available to all students of all faculties except for those in the field Statistical-insurance engineering.

D. Capacity:

Without limit

E. Requirments to meet

I. Compulsory Courses – 18 ECTS

Ident Name
4ST220 Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
4ST425* Life Insurance
4ST525* Non-life Insurance
Courses with * are part of state exam

II. Obligatory courses – 12 ECTS

Ident Name
4ST309 nebo 4ST608 Introduction to Financial and Insurance Mathematic
4ST320 Basics of Insurance Mathematic
4ST422 nebo 4ST622 Modeling in Non-life Insurance
4ST444 nebo 4ST644 Stochastic Processes and Risk in Finance and Insurance
4ST530 Insurance Business
4DM414 Actuarial Demography
1BP201 Basics of Insurance
1BP323 Comercial Insurance Company
1BP401 Insurance II
1BP311 Insurance Law
1BP411 Risk Management
1BP414 Bonds Theory and Praxis

F. State exam questions (in Czech)