Doctoral Studies

Graduates of statistical specializations are primarily accepted into the doctoral study program Statistics. Applicants must prove knowledge of statistics within the scope of final state examination for study program Statistical-insurance Engineering or Statistical and Insurance Engineering respectively Statistics.

Doctoral study program Statistics is assured pedagogically and scientifically by three departments: Department of Statistics and ProbabiltyDepartment of Economic Statistics and Department of Demography. More specialized choice of any of these statistical departments of VŠE is made according to the interest of applicant and in accordance with the capacity possibilities of tutors.

More information about study and possible focus of scientific activites of doctoral students in program Statistics will supply guarantee of the program prof. Ing. Hana Řezanková, CSc. (442 NB, tel. 224 095 483,

Specific information about offered topics from individual departments will supply:

Department Contact person Doctoral Thesis
Department of Statistics and Probability prof. Ing. Hana Řezanková, CSc., m.č. NB 442, tel. 224 095 483,
Department of Economic Statistics doc. Mgr. Ing. Petr Mazouch, Ph.D., m.č. NB 427, NB 171, tel. 224 095 453
Department of Demography doc. Ing. Jitka Langhamrová, CSc., m.č. NB 377, tel. 224 095 247,


For your questions please contact  Mrs. Tereza Krajíčková at the Dean´s Office.