Statistics (ST)

Master´s degree study field Statistics is a part of a study program Quantitative methods in economic and since school year 2014/15 is the successor of the field Statistical-insurance Engineering

The study presents cross-section through the most widely used statistical methods and procedures needed in analysis of economic data together wiht the most substantial aspects of insurance engineering. Students will be able to apply statistical analytic and prognostic procedures in various economical situations and will learn the most important insurance products, analyzes and strategies that belong inherently to the praxis of domestic and foreign insurance markets. The courses are taught with the use of specialized statistical software products and students will acquire their control and overview of their use.

Due to broad focus of the study the graduates will find jobs in the insurance companies, pension funds and health-care providers but also in the area of the public and business statistics, in the area of financial activities (investment of insurance capital, insurance of financial products), in marketing, consulting and research institutes including international and also in the places, where experts on the fields of statistics and insurance engineering are raised.