Quantitative Analysis (4KA)

A. Guarantee

doc. Ing. Markéta Arltová, Ph.D.

B. Charakteristics

This minor field represents cross-section of basic statistical methods used for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data with focusing on the computational aspects. Selected courses ensures that graduates of this minor field will be able to effectively analyse statistical data using various statistical software. The minor field is particulary suitable for students aiming at career  in the fields of informatics or analytical departments of the companies.

Graduates will posses knowledge and skills to:

  • prepare and collect economic data,
  • understand different types of economic data and to analyse them,
  • work with statistical methods and make generalizing judgments,
  • evaluate the explanatory power of results and to make qualified decisions,
  • work with specialized statistical software

C. Requirments to enter:

Available to all students of all faculties except for those in the program Quantitative methods in economy (i.e. fields Statistical-insurance engineering, Economical Demography and Econometry and Operational Research).

D. Capacity:

Without limit

E. Requirments to meet

I. Compulsory Courses – 18 ECTS

Ident Name
Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Methods 1
Statistical Methods 2

note: If some of the courses has been absolved during the bachelor´s or master´s study, it is necessary to substitute it for different course after agreement with the department.

II. Obligatory Courses – 12 ECTS

Ident Name
Statistical Computational Enviroment
4ST315 Statistics in R
4ST416 Regression
4ST417 Computational Statistics in R
4ST418 Computational Statistics in Matlab
4ST430 Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 2
4ST431 Time Series
4ST512 Multidimensional Statistics