Information About the Department

The main aim  of the Department is to provide future economists – all students of the Prague University of Economics and Business – knowledge in the field of statistics, especially methods to evaluate economic data, trends and contexts of economic indicators  in business and national economy. This knowledge belongs to the foundation, without which no economist can do. Focus of the pedagogical work of all department members is in the field of teaching basic statistical procedures. Much wider range of statistical methods, modeling and insurance engineering is intended for students of statistical study programs taught by the department. Important part of the whole department´s tuiton is the use of computers and specialized statistical software.

Department of Statistics and Probability contributes to the assurance of study fields, which are accredited within the study program Quantitative Methods in Economy. Specifically those are bachelor degree´s fields Statistical Methods in Economics and Statistics and Econometry, follow-up master´s degree fields Statistical-insurance Engineering and Ekonomic Demography with standard lenght of study 2 years, master´s degree program Statistical and insurance engineering (no longer available) with standard lenght of study 5 years and doctoral study program Statistics.

Study of statistics is constituted of cross-section of all important and most used statistical tools and procedures necessary for the analysis of economic data. In parallel, student is also introduced to the important aspects of insurance engineering. The aim is to teach students of the program Statistics and insurance engineering to apply statistical analytic and forecasting procedures in various economic situations and to acquaint them with the insurance products, analyzes and strategies, that belong inseparably to the practice on domestic and international markets, in detail. Natural part of the study is getting thorough knowledge of work with computers.

Due to the broad orientation of the study, graduates find employment in the area of government  and corporate statistics, in banks, in the sphere of financial activities (capital investment premiums, insurance, financial credits), in the activities of commercial insurance companies, pension funds and health insurance companies, but also in marketing , consulting and research institutions including international instituions, and also where experts in statistics and insurance are educated.

Department of Statistics and Probability is further a guarantee of two minor specializations, which are intended primarilly for the students of other faculties of VŠE. The aim of the lectures in minor specialization  Social-economic Data Analysis is to teach students to orientate in the various methods enabling analysis of quantitative and qualitative data so they could recognize, which economic data are important, where and how to obtain them, which methods and procedures are appropriate in given situation and which conditions must be fullfiled in order to prevent the risk of accepting  erroneous conclusions. That means not only to learn them to work with the methods and make generalized judgements, but also to learn them to understand various types of data, recognize their explanatory power and to prepare the basis for the qualified decisions. In minor specialization Insurance engineering the basic procedures, methods and strategies of insurance engineering usefoul in domestic and international insurance markets and in the practice of controlling insurance are lectured. In adition the students gain advanced knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability theory, which can be applied in the insurance  industry with the use of specialized statistical software.