Analysis of Socio-economic Data (4AD)

A. Guarantee

doc. Ing. Dagmar Blatná, CSc.

B. Charakteristics

The aim of this minor field is to teach students to orientate in various methods enabling analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. Graduate should be able to recognize which economic data are important, where and how to obtain them, what methods and procedures are appropriate in given situation and which conditions have to be met to prevent the risk of incorrect results. Student should be able not only to work with these methods and to make generalized judgments, but also to understand different types of data, recognize their explanatory power and to prepare basis for qualified decisions.

Methods of data analysis are in variety of forms part of specialized study at foreign economic universities. Regular systematic work with numeric characteristics is a natural part of any economically oriented activities in banks, commercial, industrial and building companies and in services as well as in state and local government. The aim of this minor field is to organize knowledge from different disciplines in such a way that its graduate should be able to independently use the options of statistical software, including preparations and gathering neccesary data and reasonable interpretation of obtained results.

C. Requirments to enter:

Available to all students of all faculties except for those in the field Statistical-insurance engineering.

D. Capacity:

Without limit

E. Requirments to meet

I. Compulsory Courses – 18 ECTS

Ident Name
4ST416 Advanced Regression
4ST431 Time Series
4ES407 Economic and Social Statistics

II. Obligatory Courses – 12 ECTS

Ident Name
4ST220 Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
4ST301 Statistical Methods 1
4ST302 Statistical Methods 2
4ST310 Statistical Computational Enviroment
4ST413 Sampling Theory and Methods
4ST441 Statistical Methods and Capital Markets (english)
4ST512 Multidimensional Statistics
4EK214 Econometric Models
4ES506 Understanding Economic and Social Development in International Context

F. State Exam Questions (in Czech)